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Published on Monday, March 19, 2018

Students See Themselves Through Paint

Students in Sue Nowak's Drawing and Painting 1 class are learning about realistic style using the technique of portraiture, the art of creating portraits. "I like this technique and I was eager to share it with my students."

With the use of acrylic paints, the students are creating self portraits and seeing themselves in a unique way in an art technique that has been done throughout history.  The project's steps started out with the student having their photo taken and then, working from an enlarged size, tracing outlines onto canvas.

"Using the elements and principles of design, color, form, and shape, the students are also working on the mixing of colors rather than using colors right out of the tube.  I encourage each of my students to see what’s there, to challenge themselves and think outside of their comfort zone," Sue Nowak shared.

While working on his own self portrait, Jim Kuang, an exchange student from China, shared that this was the first time doing a project like this. "I'm enjoying working on this, it's different."  When asked what he found challenging about doing this type of work, Jim shared that sometimes he had to change some of the details in actual painting, "I found it hard to draw my tie, so I painted it a little differently.  If I make a mistake, I can just paint over it and start over." 

Jim Kuang works on his self portrait



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Author: Maureen Burns

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