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Published on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Timon Alumni 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament 2018

Limited to 16 teams on a first come, first-served basis.

Reserve your spot now by paying your registration fee at https://squareup.com/store/timon/


3 on 3 STYLE

STRUCTURE: This event will be modeled after similar 3-on-3 tournaments. Teams of a minimum of three players (all must be Timon alumni) or four players (three of the four MUST be Timon alumni) must pre-register and such teams will be bracketed accordingly. Following each game played, each team is responsible for knowing when its next game (if applicable) is scheduled.

REGISTRATION: Teams must pre-register.  First, a Team Captain must register his team and submit payment at https://squareup.com/store/timon. Once that information and payment are received, you will receive a form to submit your team name and roster. There is a Registration Fee of $100 per team to cover officials and participant gifts. Players may appear on only ONE team roster. Any player appearing on more than one team roster will be disqualified from the event.  Any substitution(s) to a team roster must be made via email at least 48 hours prior to the start of the event.  Each participant will receive a commemorative promotional item from the event.

DIVISIONS/BRACKETING: Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of two games. Bracketing will be based on year of graduation of each Timon alumnus. If a majority of a team’s players graduated from Timon in 1985 or later, that team will be placed in the GREEN DIVISION. If a majority of a team’s players graduated from Timon in 1984 or earlier, that team will be placed in the GOLD DIVISION. Each Division will crown its own respective Champion. The two Division Champions will have a one-game playoff to determine the Overall Champion. In case of uncertainty, placement in a specific bracket will be in the sole discretion of the Tournament Directors. It is the intent of the Tournament Directors to post the Tournament Bracket approximately 48 hours prior to the beginning of the event.

TEAMS/UNIFORMS: Teams will be identified by a color combination that will be assigned to each team at least one team in advance. Teams are encouraged to wear a t-shirt/jersey prominently featuring the assigned color.

SCHEDULE:  Games will begin at pre-determined times with each team allowed up to five minutes to warm up with both teams at the same basket. A five (5) minute ‘grace period’ will be provided before the non-compliant team will lose that game by forfeit.

GAME FORMAT: A field goal scored from inside the arc is worth one point. A field goal from outside the arc is worth two points. Each game is to 20 points, win by 2, up to a maximum of 25 points (example 20-18, 23-21, 25-24). All games will have a 25 minute time limit. The team leading at the conclusion of the 25 minute time limit will be declared the winner. If the game is tied after the 25 minute time limit, the official will flip a coin (assign one team 'heads' and one team 'tails') to determine team possession. The first team to score wins the game.

TIME-OUTS AND SUBSTITUTIONS: Each team in the GREEN DIVISION is allowed one timeout per game. Each team in the GOLD DIVISION is allowed two timeouts per game. Each timeout will last sixty seconds. Player substitutions are permitted during any dead ball situation.


Well-marked court boundaries will serve as the playing court. The three-point arc will measure 19’9”.  A coin toss will determine which team gains the initial possession. Each game will be officiated by one certified Monsignor Martin Athletic Association-assigned official, applying local high-school playing rules. 

  1. The ball will change possession after each scored basket (no 'make-it/take-it.')
  2. Jump Balls will be called by the officials and will go to the team on defense.
  3. The ball must be 'checked' by an opposing player before it is put in to play. Possession after Dead Ball must begin with a pass (after ball is 'checked.')
  4. All fouls will be played from the top of the key.
  5. All possessions following an out-of-bounds violation will begin from the top of the key.
  6. The ball must be 'taken back' to beyond the arc on every change of possession. "Taking Back" means both feet and the ball behind the arc. If the ball is NOT properly taken back beyond the arc, If/when the ensuing offensive possession begins (pass/dribble inside the arc or a shot attempt), a violation will be called and that team will lose possession.
  7. A player will have ten (10) seconds to put the ball in to play.
  8. Fouls/Free Throws: For all common (non-shooting) fouls, the offended team will retain possession. If a player is fouled in the act of shooting, that player's team will receive possession. NOTE: Once a team reaches seven (7) Team fouls, for that foul and any ensuing foul(s), whether a common foul or a shooting foul, the offended team has a choice of (1) retaining possession or (2) shooting a "FREE' two-pointer from beyond the arc. If option "2" is chosen, the non-shooting team will be awarded the ball regardless of whether the shot is successful or not (Exception: Technical Fouls).
  1. A Technical Foul may be assessed for a Contact Foul deemed to hurt a participant, vulgar or verbally abusive behavior or other misconduct deemed inappropriate by the official or event administrator. A Technical Foul counts as a Team Foul. PENALTY: The offended team will have the choice of two Free Throws (15 feet; one point each) or two shots from behind the arc (2 points each). The Team Captain may designate the player to shoot these shots. The offended team will retain possession of the ball whether shots are made or missed. Any player committing two (2) Technical Fouls is automatically ejected from that game and that team's next game.
  2. MEDICAL: Officials and Tournament Personnel shall order any player who is bleeding or has blood on his skin or uniform to leave the game for appropriate treatment. The player may not return until the bleeding has stopped, the injury covered with medical dressing and the player's clothing is rid of any bloodstains. Re-entry into the game will be at the discretion of the official. Return to the game must take place on a deadball situation.
  3. The Team Captain is the official spokesperson for the team.
  4. Upon arrival to the event, each participant must sign a Liability Waiver as required by Bishop Timon and the Diocese of Buffalo.
  5. Tournament Administrators retain the right to add to/modify the above provisions. Such revisions will be forwarded to Team Captains in a timely fashion.   


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Author: Steve Cichon

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