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Published on Monday, March 26, 2018

Timon Juniors Complete Rotations at Mercy Hospital


l-r: Connor Davie, Brendan Gavin, Sean Hayes and Jeremy Glinski


Timon Juniors Complete Rotations at Mercy Hospital

                Bishop Timon - St. Jude High School, in partnership with Mt. Mercy Academy and the Catholic Health System, has established the Academy of Science & Health Care. The Partnership was formed in 2009 to enable students at Timon to learn more about the growing field of healthcare careers and science careers in general. Students who decide to enter the Health Care Academy can expect to work side by side with healthcare and science professionals and gain hands-on experience in a particular field of study. Students will also gain a distinct advantage when applying to colleges and universities.

                Students in grades 9 and 10 are invited to join the Health Care Career Club. Students participate in various field trips, such as visits to Mercy Hospital, Mercy Flight and local colleges that have science and/or healthcare career majors. The purpose of the Healthcare Career Club Field Trips is to provide opportunities for students to learn about the many healthcare career options and pathways available to become trained as a healthcare provider. Timon partners with Mount Mercy Academy to participate in this programming presented by Catholic Health.

                Students in grade 11 participate in a shadowing rotation at Mercy Hospital. They shadow professionals in such departments as Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Maternity and Physical Therapy. They attend a total of 8 rotations.  Students in grade 12 are invited to do an internship experience. That experience can be during the school year or the summer. The student must complete a total of 50 hours in the internship. The internship can be in any health care or science-related career.

Recently, four juniors completed their rotations at Mercy Hospital and shared what their experiences were like and what they learned from this unique opportunity offered to them through Timon.

Sharon Schultz, Timon's Title 1 AIS/ELA Instructor Timon, shared, "upon returning from their Mercy Hospital rotation program, I had the pleasure of listening to the students tell me about their experiences and was delighted to hear the enthusiasm in their voices. This opportunity provides them with confirmation that they are moving in the right direction to do good work in the world. The students are excited and motivated to learn what needs to happen next to become healthcare professionals." 

Recently, four juniors completed their rotations at Mercy Hospital and shared what their experiences were like and what they learned from this unique opportunity offered to them through Timon.

Connor Davie
"Participating in the HealthCare Academy gave me the opportunity to experience what the medical field is like.  As a junior, I'm still figuring out what my interests are and what I might want to study after I graduate from Timon.  While I was doing my rotation, I saw what it was like in the medical rehab unit, the MRU.  This is the area where therapists work with patients who have suffered strokes and other medical issues resulting in them needing special care to be able to take care of themselves after they leave the hospital." 

Brendan Gavin
In my Mercy Hospital rotations I learned a lot of important information about the healthcare field. Our first rotation was on February 20th, during which Ms. Cornell (Director of Volunteer Services) showed us around to every different sector of the hospital so we were able to see what it is that they do and how important every person's job is in ensuring patient safety. On my second rotation day, March 20th, I shadowed the Open Heart Unit/ Critical Care Unit to see how important it is that everyone does their job to make sure patients are comfortable and are being given the proper care they need. I chose to do these rotations because I hope to follow a career in the health care field and wanted to not only be sure of my choice but also to see what different jobs I am interested in. I am beyond thankful to Ms. Schultz, Ms. Cornell, and the entire Mercy hospital staff for not only making this happen, but also for making it enjoyable.

Jeremy Glinski 
"Overall the experience was amazing; Mrs. Conrad from Mercy Hospital organized and gave the tour on Wednesday February 21st, which was our first day to get us acquainted with the hospital and also to inform us about which unit we would be observing. The tour of the facilities included units such as MRU, nursery, Stroke Unit, Pathology Lab, Nuclear medicine, Spiritual Care and Outpatient surgery.

On Tuesday March 20th, our second day, I had the opportunity to observe Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists medical rehab unit rehabilitating patients that have suffered from brain bleeds, strokes, and other surgeries. In this unit, the patients are rehabbing after strokes, brain bleeds, and the like. The therapists I observed all day worked with many different people who were trying to recover from many different incidences. The therapists were calm, very nice people. While I was in the MRU, I gained valuable knowledge about the field of Physical and Occupational Therapy.

My favorite part was the pathology lab. We were able to see the lab technician slice up a colon, a brain, and a lung. The lab tech let us hold a slice of a person's brain. The brain was extremely cool. It was a little slimy on the outside, but rather firm. While holding the brain, he showed us what was wrong with it and what he was going to study about it later that day. That was pretty amazing. The other units were still special to see. By far though, the pathology lab takes the cake.

Currently, my plan is to study Sports Medicine and become a physician in that field. Sports Medicine is the treatment of athletes and those physically active. It involves helping them to improve performance, enhance overall health, prevent injury, maintain physical activity, and treat and diagnose injuries. This field really peaks my interest and I plan to study it in college. It is a lot of schooling, but I feel like I will enjoy the field. That’s my plan for the future. The knowledge I gained though Mercy will truly help me; I am glad that I was able to participate."

Sean Hayes
In my first day at Mercy Hospital, I received a tour of the hospital and its various departments. We toured the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Medical Rehab Unit, and the bioengineering department. My second day was more intense, being stationed in the Intensive Care Unit. There, I was able to receive first-hand experience about what it takes to be a doctor or a nurse in that department. I learned a ton about general healthcare and how to deal with patients in immense amounts of pain. I was able to observe doctors and nurses caring for a plethora of different types of patients based on the severity of their situation.

Although I aspire to study Neuroscience in order to receive my MD or DO, I enjoyed getting a well-rounded experience in different departments. This allowed me to get a full understanding of the medical field."


Mercy Hospital staff shares their experience

 "I found the Timon Students to be very professional in their presentation both through appearance and communication. They followed direction perfectly and seemed to have genuinely enjoyed and benefitted from the shadowing experience at Mercy Hospital. It was our pleasure to host them!", Lisa M. Carey, Coordinator of Volunteer Services at Sisters of Charity /Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

"On the day I worked with them, the students were both enthusiastic and polite. They seemed genuinely interested in the entire experience. I am truly impressed by professionalism they displayed and attribute a good portion of that to the teachings and guidance of the team at Bishop Timon. We look forward to future endeavors together." Heide M. Cornell, CAVS, Director, Volunteer Services Catholic Health


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