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The Academy of Science & Healthcare

Bishop Timon - St. Jude High School, in partnership with Mt. Mercy Academy and the Catholic Health System, has established the Academy of Science & Health Care. The Partnership was formed in 2009 to enable students at Timon to learn more about the growing field of healthcare careers and science careers in general. Students who decide to enter the Health Care Academy can expect to work side by side with healthcare and science professionals and gain hands-on experience in a particular field of study. Students will also gain a distinct advantage when applying to colleges and universities.

The Academy is established as follows:

  1. Students in grades 9 and 10 are invited to join the Health Care Career Club. Students participate in various field trips, such as visits to Mercy Hospital, Mercy Flight and local colleges that have science and/or healthcare career majors. The purpose of the Healthcare Career Club Field Trips is to provide opportunities for students to learn about the many healthcare career options and pathways available to become trained as a healthcare provider. Timon partners with Mount Mercy Academy to participate in this programming presented by Catholic Health.
  2. Students in grade 11 participate in a shadowing rotation at Mercy Hospital. They shadow professionals in such departments as Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Maternity and Physical Therapy. They attend a total of 8 rotations.
  3. Students in grade 12 are invited to do an internship experience. That experience can be during the school year or the summer. The student must complete a total of 50 hours in the internship. The internship can be in any health care or science-related career.

For further information on the Academy of Science and Health Care, please contact us, at 716-826-3610.

2018 Highlights of the Program include:

•             Field Trip: to Sisters of Charity Hospital laboratory departments within the hospital. Students wore protective garb to enter the sensitive areas and observe the workings of the labs. Students engaged in the technology, human observation and techniques used to analyze body fluids of patients in order to make accurate diagnoses. Students also observed specimens in the pathology department and were informed of analyzing techniques used to identify issues in tissue. Program facilitators provided career information for the students in various laboratory work that is critical to patient care.

•             Field Trip:  to Trocaire College to explore training for various healthcare careers that included observation and participation in the procedures of the operating room, laboratories, and patient care, as well as healthcare programming offered by the College. 

•             Field trip: (March 15) to Harmac Medical which produces life-saving medical devices for the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. The company is a hidden partner of leading Fortune 500 medical companies and headquartered in Buffalo, NY USA with manufacturing capacity in Ireland and Mexico

•             Field trip: (May 16) to The Dental Group where our students participate in a hands-on dental program. Students have the opportunity to understand the careers in dentistry and actually use the dental equipment to examine teeth, drill, and make mouth molds.

Rotations and Internships:
Our junior and senior students are participating in rotation and internship programs at Mercy Hospital. Representatives from the hospital conducted an orientation here at Timon in February for all participating students. The rotation program is a sixteen hour experience in various departments at Mercy including the emergency room, pharmacy, labs, maternity, radiology, physical therapy, etc. 

Senior students choose an area of interest to complete a 30-hour internship in the spring semester.

ECMC Summer Internship Program

Membership in the club opens doors to other possibilities. Our Healthcare Career Club students apply each year to the ECMC Summer Internship program which provides a two-week internship each summer. Only 100 applicants are accepted each year; we are fortunate to have several students accepted each year.