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Bishtop Timone - WNY Catholic School - Admissions

Meet Amanuel Adebebe, Class of 2018






What activities have you been involved with while at Timon?

Throughout my 3 years of high school, I have participated in soccer, and track. I have also been a part of the health care career club, mock trial club, chess club, and the St. Jude society club. I've also been a part of numerous leadership programs outside of school as well as several internships.

What does a Franciscan education mean to you?

A Franciscan education means more than knowing several prayers of St. Francis, and just reciting what we should and should not do. It's learning, and understanding what St. Francis did, and how we can become like him. Its learning how to change the world, starting with yourself. Our motto "Strong in Faith" is the embodiment of what Timon is.

Future Plans after you graduate from Timon?

When I graduate from Timon, I plan on going to an Ivy league college, particularly Yale or Cornell, to become a cardiologist. Ever since I was a child I have been captivated with the human anatomy, and wanted to understand the ins and outs of it. My passion for biology lead me here to Timon, because Timon offers a multitude of classes that can help me towards my goal.

Advice for student looking at Timon

Timon isn't a very large school, roughly only 200-250 students. Some might view this as a bad thing but I don't. All freshman worry if they're going to fit in their new school, but here at Timon they don't. By a week or two most if not all freshman knows everyone's name which makes it easier having friends. Also Timon as a 1:2 teacher-student ratio, meaning that teachers know the student's strengths and weaknesses, and they are willing to help them. Also Timon offers many types of sports and clubs so incoming students will never have to worry about not participating in extracurricular activities.