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Bishtop Timone - WNY Catholic School - Admissions

Meet David Roche, Class of 2018

What activities have you been involved with while at Timon?

I have been involved at Timon participating in the Drama Club working on the Fall Musical and Spring Play since my Freshman year. I did stage crew my first two years, and this year I decided to join cast which was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I found that being on stage performing was more of a fit for me than doing behind the scenes work.

What does a Franciscan education mean to you?

A Franciscan education to me means understanding all that there is about Franciscan values and learning how to be a leader. Learning about St. Francis' legacy for our world today and incorporating his views into my life is something that I like about getting a Franciscan education here at Timon.  

Future plans after you graduate from Timon?

After I graduate from Timon, I plan on choosing a college that fits me the best just like Timon has and where I can achieve success in getting a degree in the area I pursue. 

Advice for a student looking at Timon?

I would encourage every student to consider Timon for their high school choice. We are a close, smaller community which makes learning easier and provides students to receive more help when they need it. At Timon, numerous clubs, sport teams and other extra-curricular activities are offered which allows everyone who comes here to be able to find something that they will enjoy doing. I believe that the Franciscan education provided here at Timon allows everyone to fully develop their capabilities!