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Bishtop Timone - WNY Catholic School - Admissions

Meet Jack Donahue, Class of 2018

What activities have you been involved with while at Timon?

Through my three years here I have been actively involved in the student ambassador program, which is a group of students who represent the school in a different way than most people could. We are the men in the green jackets that you see at the open houses and at fundraisers. The Student Ambassadors are the pinnacle of what it means to be a Timon Tiger. I have also been on the Mock Trial team. Mock trial is a competition in which you would go up against different schools and put on a court room act. You have to portray the perspective of a lawyer or witness and try and win the case you are given against the other school. And lastly I am on the lacrosse team. The Timon lacrosse team is a nationally known team for their small numbers but powerful impact on the field. It is a great sport especially to play at Timon.


What does a Franciscan education mean to you?

A Franciscan Education has set the foundation for a good life for me. It teaches you how to be a better person all around, in school, in work, with family and friends, in community, or in all aspects of life. The Franciscan tradition teaches young men to lead the charge of the world and set an example for others. 


Future plans after you graduate from Timon?

I often think about what I would like to do after my years at Timon are finished. I am definitely going to college, that’s for sure. But I would like to go away for college and have my first taste of independence. I would like to go Geneseo and attain my undergraduate studying political science and pre-law. After that I, ideally, would like to go to the Law school of Boston College. Attain my Law Degree and then hopefully land a job in a personal injury firm. 


Advice for a student looking at Timon?

My advice for people coming into Timon would be to stay on track and to not get so overwhelmed so quickly. High School will be a new experience for you and it is not how you deal with change. It is how you grow and prosper with it. Timon's staff and faculty make sure that you are comfortable with school but also challenged to be greater than you thought you could be. So when you come into Timon next fall, you should not be scared to walk through the doors, you should be excited to start a new chapter in your life.