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Bishtop Timone - WNY Catholic School - Admissions

Meet Jonathan Stachowski, Class of 2018

What activities have you been involved with while at Timon?

I have been on the varsity football team for the last three years. I have also played JV basketball freshman and sophomore year and was vice president of my class freshman and sophomore year. Through my freshman and sophomore year I have played JV baseball in the spring. Junior year I am tarnishing to varsity lacrosse. As a substitute for baseball. Then in my junior year I have made the varsity chess team. Clubs that I have been in for the last three years is Healthcare Career Club. This club is where we learn about different careers in health care field and take field trip too different healthcare institutions. Such as schools and different practices. Through this program I got excepted into an internship at ECMC last summer. Out of school I am a Boy Scout that's about to finish his Eagle Scout. 


What does a Franciscan education mean to you?

What a Franciscan education means to me is a chance to get a better education that will benefit me in the long run. A Franciscan education also means to me is to be a part of a brotherhood that’s stretches for decades. Where there are guys that look you as brother not as a friend and will always have your back. 


Future plans after you graduate from Timon?

My future plans after Timon is go college and get into a premed program. Hopefully in a military university and go to the military after college.  

Advice for a student looking at Timon?
My advice to any student that is looking at Timon is to shadow and talk to some Timon alumni about their experience. Also they should come join or watch events that Timon puts on.