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Bishtop Timone - WNY Catholic School - Admissions

Meet Kobe Thurman, Class of 2019

What activities have you been involved with while at Timon?

I have been involved with the Bishop Timon - St. Jude Leadership program, while I was in 8th grade at Notre Dame Academy, then graduated the program at the beginning of my Freshman year. After the program I was granted an opportunity to be an Ambassador which I plan on be a part of until my last year at Bishop Timon - St. Jude High School. Now in my sophomore I am still an ambassador, and I recently joined Mock Trial, Drama club, I am the color commentator for the Timon Varsity basketball games, and also I am in the Health Care Career club.

What does a Franciscan education mean to you?

Franciscan education is a very great quality to take with you as a young man, a young man can study his faith and the major qualities that can help you in the world around us.

Future plans after you graduate from Timon?

My future plans after leaving Timon have not been figured out yet at this time but with a great background that I have with the electives I have joined; it would be great credits going into the real world.

Advice for a student looking at Timon?

When you come to Timon or you think about coming to Timon you will see the great qualities that this school has to offer. I have not yet met a student who has not participated in any electives or any sports, it is very incredible to see these young men turn into great men with a very good foundation for their lives.