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Alumni Memorial Mass

Our next Alumni Memorial Mass

will be held in November, 2019.

At our annual Alumni Memorial Mass as we remember our deceased alumni, esepcially those who have passed over the last year.

Remembering in prayer alumni who have not yet been memorialized at an Alumni Mass:

John L. Davidson '72
Christopher P. Brownsey '94

James J. Fredo '63

John F. Mahoney '59

John "Jack" Milligan '56

Vincent O'Neill '78

Peter J. O'Neill '80

William Talty '62

John Schmidt '58

Brian J. Murphy '65

Michael P. Graham '79

Paul J. Miga '69

James E. Byrne '52

Patrick L. Daley '60

Timothy K. Fitzgerald '72

Arthur W. Homewood '72

Nicholas V. Silvestri '72

James Mulligan '72

Thomas Bleb '63

Robert H. Chambers

Ronald J. Wojtkowski '71

Gary J. Walters '63

Donald Rehak '58 

Ronald J. O'Mara '54 

James Roberston '52

James A. Wojcik '58

James Stillwell '67

John J. Dempsey '59

James C. Skinner '54

Leonard Augustine '60

Thomas M. Basil '56

C. Michael Broderick '54

Paul Mazurkiewicz '64

Nelson H. Powell '64

Brian D. Haettich '84

Earl K. Rothfus'53

Paul Griffin '68

John O'Connor '57

Edward A. Schaefer '62

Timothy M. McArthur '84

Michael F. Ormond '83



List of all Alumni who have passed into eternal life

If you know of an alumnus who should be added to our prayer list, please email Lysa Elis at elis@bishoptimon.com