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Alumni Memorial Mass

January 22, 2021 7:00 pm

The Timon Community will gather virtually on Friday, January 22 at 7:00 pm to remember in prayer all deceased Timon Alumni—especially those who have died in the last year. Special alumni prayer cards will be given to families of this past years’ deceased.

Click here to join us in rememberance on January 22nd.

Timon Music Director Laura Lawless is organizing the choir and musicians. 

Please contact Lysa Elis at 826-3610 ex246 if you have any questions. 


At our annual Alumni Memorial Mass as we remember our deceased alumni, especially those who have passed over the last year.

Remembering in prayer alumni who have not yet been memorialized at an Alumni Mass:

Edward Kinsella  '51
William O'Mara  '51
Mr. Jesse G. Fodero  '51
Mr. John J. McCarthy  '51

John P. Riordan '51 
Anthony L. Coppola  '52
Richard Gasiuk  '52
Mr. Thomas H. McCarthy  '52
Msgr. Kevin T. O'Neill '53
Stephen V. Chilcott '53
Thomas Brinkworth '53
Mr. Kevin M. Barrett '53
Mr. Gerald J. Greenan '53
Rev. Norman F. Sullivan '53
Gerald Poltowicz '54
James Kirsch '54
John V. Cole '54
Mr. Robert W. Skrzeczkowski '55
Joseph Swiatek '56
Thomas E. Whelan '58
Mr. Henry D. Drew  '59
James O'Brien '59
Richard Linch '59
Stephen Hanitz '59
Dennis Lalley '60
James Cegielski  '60
Ronald Demaria  '60
Roy Grisman  '60
James Purcell '61
Martin McHale '61
Mr. Thomas Simonick '61
James Weber '62
Mr. John H Fitzgerald '62
Mr. Gerald Kozak '63
Jack Daley '64
James O'Connell '64
Mr. George Hamberger '64

John Corcoran '68

Thomas Shea '68
Mr. Thomas M. Stone '71
James Brady  '73
Kevin Keane '73
Stephen Barnes '76
William Campbell '76
James Bauer '79
Mr. Michael K. Monan '79
Neil McKinnon '80
Timothy Barry '80
William Barrie '80
William Steck '81
Christopher Panek '84
John Millerski '86
Michael Burns '89
Justin M. Klesic '98
Charles Finnegan, OFM
Austin Cleary  '12



Click here for a list of all Alumni who have passed into eternal life. 

If you know of an alumnus who should be added to our prayer list, please email Lysa Elis at elis@bishoptimon.com