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JV Hockey

Jr. Varsity Hockey

Head Coach: David Panek '08

Assistant Coaches: Dan Robinson, Steve Zappia, Michael Cassidy and Kyle English

Timon Hockey is looking to have a team in the Western New York Modified Hockey League next season at The Harbour Center.

 In order to play for this team you must be an officially enrolled freshman at Timon with a deposit put down.

If you are interested in playing for Timon Hockey, after you are officially enrolled please call Chris Panek – Director of Hockey at 716 – 957 – 8326 so we can forward you the information.

The Timon coaching staff looks forward to working with you in the spring.


2017-2018 Team Schedule 

Date  Opponent Location Time Score
Nov 17 St. Joe's Caz 7:00pm
Nov. 19 St. Francis Leisure 7:45pm  
Nov. 24 Canisius Leisure 5:45pm  
Dec. 8 St. Mary's Cheektowaga 9:00pm  
Dec. 10 Orchard Park Caz 3:00pm
Dec. 15 Frontier Leisure 6:45pm  
Dec. 17 Grand Island Hyde Park 5:30pm  
Dec. 23 St. Joe's Brighton 1:40pm  
Dec. 31  Orchard Park Caz 10:00am  
Jan. 6  Grand Island Riverside 7:00pm  
Jan. 14 Canisius Caz 12:00pm  
Jan. 19 St. Francis Caz 7:00pm  
Jan. 26 Orchard Park Leisure 5:45pm  
Jan. 29 St. Joe's Caz 8:30pm  
Jan. 31 Canisius NTC 7:00pm  
Feb. 5 Frontier Caz 8:30pm  
Feb. 9 St. Mary's Cheektowaga 9:00pm  
Feb. 11 **Play-offs begin** TBD TBD  


2017-2018 Team Roster 

Number  Name Year Position
2      Forward
3      Forward
4      Defense
6      Forward
7      Defense
8      Defense
9      Forward
11      Def/For
12      Forward
14      Forward
17      Defense
18      Defense
19      Forward
21      Defense
22      Forward
30      Forward
30      Goaltender