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Bishop Timon - WNY Catholic School - Academics

Counseling Office


Antena McCarthy

826-3610 ext. 258


The Counseling Office at Timon provides a comprehensive program of services to assist students in their academic, career, social and personal development. Working in conjunction with the administration, faculty and parents, the guidance office provides each student with the resources and direction to assist them in their process of self-discovery and decision-making. The discipline and motivation that are the responsibility of each student are emphasized throughout the program.

Timon currently has a LMSW on staff available by appointment to speak with students upon request.

Services provided by the Counseling Office include:

  • Orientation Program for New Students
  • Personal and Group Counseling
  • College and Career Guidance
  • Testing
  • Assessment of Academic Achievement
  • Maintenance of Cumulative Records

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Graduation Requirements

Timeline for Seniors

For Juniors & Seniors Seeking Fee Waivers for Standardized Testing & College Applications


For the families of juniors and seniors seeking fee waivers based on income eligibility for the  SATs/ACTs/college applications, a parent needs to  print out and complete the Household Eligibility Form. and return it to Mrs. McCarthy to determine if your son qualifies for fee waivers. The student will be notified within a day if he meets the eligibility requirement and a fee waiver will be provided. Questions regarding this process should be directed to Mrs. McCarthy.



College Planning


PSAT, SAT, ACT Prep Courses

Financial Aid for College/Scholarships

Career Planning

NCAA Eligibility

 Students with Disabilities

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Selective Service

Work/Volunteer/Educational Opportunities Grades 9-12

Working Papers

updated information to follow