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Strong In Faith


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Dear Friend of Timon, 

Bishop Timon – St. Jude High School has proudly celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2020 in our 71st year. Our graduation was a testament to the strength, resilience and leadership of a Timon Man. These past several years, new challenges were presented to our young men, our School leadership and our community. In a time of uncertainty, the Timon Man stands up, leads and provides confidence for our future. Timon boasts the most diverse of alumni, from professionals, tradesmen, civil servants, healthcare professionals, elected leaders and notably our community of first responders.

Our Strong in Faith Campaign this year is dedicated to Patrick J. (PJ) Stanton `86. PJ was a shining example of what it means to be a Timon Man – an exceptional father, husband, firefighter, and friend to all who knew him. During his remarkable lifetime, PJ was a passionate champion for his friends, no matter the challenge.  Unfortunately, PJ lost his battle with brain cancer on August 26, 2019. St. Francis has taught us that no matter how dark it gets; our light will continue to shine. All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle. Make PJ proud: let his life be an example for all of us, as we honor him by standing up for Timon.


Please consider remembering PJ this year with a gift of $601.00 to benefit the young men at Bishop Timon.


We, as a Timon community, must ensure that the young men of Timon have the opportunity to continue PJ’s legacy.  More importantly, you can help preserve our Timon educational excellence for many years to come with your donation now. Your thoughtful support will provide the financial aid needed to keep our commitment, to educate young men of character and integrity. In these uncertain economic and challenging times, your gift is more important than ever.


For over 70 years Bishop Timon has been the heart and soul of our community. We are known for being tough and resilient as we stand together as the Timon Community with our ability to overcome adversities and experience success.

Thank you for your generous support: every dollar that you offer will directly help a student receive an education that prepares him for our ever-changing world. Today’s Timon boy is tomorrow’s Timon leader.

May God bless you and keep you safe – As always Fortes in Fide

Dr. James P. Newton




PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Donations can also be made via check by completing the Donation Commitment Form and mailing the form and check to:

Bishop Timon - St. Jude High School

Attention Advancement Office
601 McKinley Parkway
Buffalo, New York 14220