John Timon Society

John Timon

The John Timon Society was formed for the recognition of its distinguished alumni. Members shall represent what a true Timon man is. They should be distinguished in their career and share the spirit and characteristics of the Franciscan Order. They should exemplify the attributes of the mission statement of Holy Name Province of The Order of Friars Minor, which states "We are disciples of Christ who seek to bring the gospel into the daily experience of people through popular preaching, teaching, and pastoral leadership. We foster Christian discipleship by collaborating with those whom we serve and by standing in solidarity with all people especially the alienated, the immigrant and the poor".

Nominations are accepted year-round and should include a detailed description of the alumnus and specific reasons you believe he deserves induction. To nominate someone for this honor please fill out the form below in its entirety.

John Timon Society Nomination Form

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Stephen T. Banko III '64

Thomas J. Lillis '54

Stephen E. Barnes '76

Thomas M. Long '93

Joseph E. Bauer '75

Robert C. Maggio '73

James Beardi `64

Robert P. Main '61

Daniel J. Benz '79

Harry P. McKeown '53*

John J. Bodkin '68

William P. McMahon '68

Robert J. Bogart '86

William J. McNichols '55

Anthony C. Bonacci '61

James T. Molloy '54*

Thomas F. Brinkworth '53

Daniel Neaverth `55

Anthony P. Buttino '55

Hugh M. Neeson '51

James E. Byrne '52

John F. Neeson '54

Michael Buczkoswki `82

Neil J. O'Connell '55

Anthony A. Campagnari '71

Eugene P. O'Connor '52

Anthony Casacci '84

Frank V. O'Connor '54

John F. Collins '64

Msgr. Kevin T. O'Neill '53*

Jeffrey Conrad '97

Michael Overdorf `84

Edward C. Cosgrove '52

Theodore W. Overdorf '60

F. Edward Coughlin '66

Carl P. Paladino '64

John P. Courtney '54

Ned J. Panara '77

Joseph F. Crangle '50

James Pankow '74

Joseph J. Crowley '53*

Eugene T. Partridge '52

Edward L. Cuddihy '58

Jack Quinn '69

Kevin Curtin `82

Patrick F. Reilly '55

John J. Devine '54

Richard J. Robinson '52

Dennis Donovan `74

Bernard J. Ryan '66*

John P. Fecio '63

James J. Rzad '66

John Conway Gainey '55*

M. Joseph Schroeder '50*

William J. Gallagher '57

H. Kenneth Schroeder '54

Rev. Corey Gibson `06

Mark J.F. Schroeder '74

William Giczkowski '61*

J. Donald Schumacher '68

Jerome C. Gorski '54*

Brian Seifert `88

Edward J. Graber '51

Richard F. Sheehan '55

Joseph Grisanti, MD '76

William M. Skretny '62

Paul Hartigan `74

John Songer '50*

James E. Hatem '76

Thomas J. Sullivan '75

John H. Heitzhaus '54*

Christopher Taylor '83

Steven J. Hietanen '80

William J. Thornton '58

Michael E. Hooley '60

James Tilley '59

Gerard R. Kegler '73

Thomas F. Varecka '66

Timothy Kelly '75

Paul C. Weaver '54

David C. Kozak '62

William M. Weir '53

Peter A. Lalley '57

Gerald Whalen '75

Henry A. Lampazzi '73

Martin C. Winnert '53*

Charles E. Lannon '66

Mark Wright '71

Victor C. Laudisio '68    

James S. Yoviene '51

William J. Lawley '53

Robert E. Yoviene '52

James N. Leary '50*