Social Studies

The Social Studies Department is committed to fostering an understanding of the social and cultural developments which have shaped the global environment throughout history. Towards that end, we offer a variety of courses including Global History & Geography and United States History & Government. Both of these courses conform to the New York State Regents guidelines, preparing students for the state-mandate exams at the conclusion of each. An Advanced Placement course in United States History is also offered, affording students the opportunity to earn credits which can be applied to college requirements. Various senior-level electives including Economics are also available. 

  • Global Studies 9

  • Global Studies 9 Honors

  • Global Studies 10

  • Global Studies 10 Honors

  • U.S. History / Government

  • U.S. History / Government Honors

  • Advanced Placement U.S. History

  • Advanced Placement World History

  • Government

  • Economics

  • Erie Community College Criminal Justice

  • Erie Community College Crime & Society

  • History of Rock & Roll

  • Civil War

  • Current Events


Tom Joyce

Elizabeth Cavacos - US History, Economics
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Brian McNulty

Bryan McNulty - Global Studies
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