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The Tiger Den

Student-run Timon web page, our point of view on daily activities and life within 601 McKinley Pkwy.

The web design & social media marketing class creates the content for this page. Our class has 8 seniors and 4 juniors who are active in many different sports and clubs.

Biship - Timon Thanksgiving

November is a month of being thankful and coming together. Our we design class came together to make a poster about what we are thankful for and what the Thanksgiving holiday is truly about.

Advice for Underclassmen:

Coming into Timon a lot of the underclassmen are not sure what to expect. Some may not have a lot of friends; some may have many, some might play sports, and some might not play any at all. Some advice some of us seniors give to the underclassmen is to be social and make as many friends as possible early on. Make sure to get your work done, it will matter later. Wear the uniform and be in the dress code. Nobody wants detention! One of the bigger ones that we try to stress to underclassmen is to get to all the sports games. Especially football, hockey, and basketball. It’s a good way to be social, have fun, and make a bunch of new friends. It’s also just as important to come together as a grade and make friends with the older grades. It’s hard to stress how much the Timon Brotherhood matters to this school. So, try your best to make this possible. 

Senior advice for underclassmen:

 ·       Be social

·       Get your work done

·       Wear the uniform

·       Show up to games and events

·       Find friend groups

·       Come together as a grade

·     Make friends with everyone

Colin Oliveri, Kellen Hopkins, Kevin Priore & Kyriee Farr

Bishop Timon Web Design Students

School Events

We will be covering school activities and events in and out of the building throughout the school year.

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Bishop Timon- Homecoming

Created by Matt Coughlin, Matt Sands, DeMaris Pettiway-Scarver & Zach Neubeck.

This week we covered our spirit week, our homecoming game, and our homecoming pep rally. Timon was Victorious in a 62-0 win over St. Mary's on Friday night. At homecoming Senior DeMaris Pettiway-Scarver was awarded homecoming King. Ryan Conrad was awarded homecoming Prince.

Nakyhi Harris - Mr. Timon

Created by:

Nakyhi Harris, Connor Diana, Dan Fischer & Jude Spero

Mr. Timon

Mr. Timon is someone who represents Timon inside and outside of school. Mr. Timon is a person who actively helps and participates with activities with the school.

Each grade can vote for the person they feel represents their grade as described above.

Click the link for your school to vote for your class's Mr. Timon.

Mr. Timon - Senior

Mr. Timon - Junior

Mr. Timon - Sophomore

Mr. Timon - Freshman