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BTSJ Audio-Visual Club

WTSJ - “It’s A Timon Thing!”

The AV class is a two-semester course offered here at Timon. The first semester, Audio/Video Technology, deals with the technical operations of all the sound, video, and broadcast equipment. The operation has gotten quite involved and is a course all on its own. The second semester, Audio/Video production, is the actual applications of the equipment, through student produced “radio style”, news, and special interest programs. This course was born out of the schools “radio club”, which has been in existence for nearly 25 years now.

Our present programming includes:

  • Broadcasting live basketball home games

  • Live Graduation ceremony

  • Timon school events i.e., pep rallies, special assemblies, masses etc.

  • DJ service for hire for private parties, weddings and all occasions

This programming was all made possible due to private fundraising by the radio club, and “anonymous” Timon benefactors. The thousands of dollars’ worth of camera’s, lighting, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, computers, etc., all came from within and at no cost to the school.


BTSJ Radio Club Partners with WNY Athletics

We are proud to announce Frank Wolf from WNY Athletics and the BTSJ Audio Visual Club partnered to create internships to give our students experience in this media.

This is a great opportunity for them to learn and gain real life experience reporting and broadcasting different sports at venues around town.

The Timon Audio Visual club was the thread connecting our school to the outside world during COVID.

Their dedication to the program allowed Timon families, Alumni and friends, to continue to experience the events that make Timon so special.

With their help we were able to celebrate our Annual Alumni Memorial Mass, live stream our first ever Virtual Kaleidoscope Gala, and they brought TIMON BASKETBALL into your homes!

We are so grateful; they have worked hard and are very proud to be such an integral part of this school.

Club Advisor

Christopher Rusin
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