Religious Studies

Religious Studies courses provide students with the foundation for a strong value system, while class discussions focus on ethical and moral issues facing young men today. Our service program provides an opportunity for our students to recognize their gifts and, like St. Francis of Assisi, find joy that comes from giving of ourselves to others.

  • Religion 9 The light of Faith

  • Religion 10 Liturgy and Sacraments

  • Religion 11 Jesus Christ/Morality

  • Religion 12 Justice & Peace/Relationships and Marriage

Franciscan Service Program

Timon endeavors to be a school of excellence with the goal of educating young men in the Franciscan tradition. Timon is a school community which lives out the teachings of Christ with St. Francis as our model. One way in which we are accomplishing our goal is through service to the community.

When our students study the life of St. Francis, it becomes clear that an integral part of the teaching of Jesus is to care for and serve others. Timon's Service Program provides an opportunity for our young men to recognize their gifts, and like St. Francis, find the joy that comes from giving of themselves to others.

Participation in the service program consists of the following:

  • Volunteering hours of service both within the school community and the outside community

  • Students in grades 9-12 are responsible for 20 hours of service, aiming for a goal of 10 hours of school-related activities and 10 hours of outside school activities.

  • Underclassmen who serve more than 50 hours will be recognized at the end of the year. Seniors who have offered more than 100 hours of service will be recognized at graduation.

  • All students will write a reflection paper on their volunteer experience.

Timon's Goals:

  • To enable students to grow in the understanding of the Franciscan philosophy of life.

  • To enable students to translate Christian doctrine into a personal lifestyle.

  • To enable students to recognize their unique gifts and to use those gifts to meet the needs of others.

Service of others is in essence, education for the entire young man, body, mind and soul. Timon expects that as our students participate in the program that they will find new maturity and self-confidence.

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