Alumni Memorial Mass

The alumni memorial mass allows us to honor and remember all deceased alumni, especially those how have passed in the last year. The Timon Community and students gather at St. Thomas Aquinas Church to honor their memory.

Click here for a list of all Alumni who have passed into eternal life. 

If you know of an alumnus who should be added to our prayer list, please email Lysa Elis at or call 716-826-3610 ext. 246.

Memorialize Your Loved One

Memorial Plates

Timon alumni often inquire about a formal method to memorialize a family member or friend at the school that meant so much to them. In response, Timon has dedicated space just outside the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel entrance in which these special memories can be realized.

For a donation of $25.00, a customized 2” x 4” memorial plate will be installed on this Memorial Wall.

The plate will read…In Memory of…Deceased’s Name and Graduation Year…FORTES IN FIDE. The school’s Chaplain will be asked to bless this exhibit.  

Net proceeds from this program will be applied to various Community Service initiatives throughout each school year.