Strong In Faith

As Bishop Timon - St Jude High School enters our 76th year we want to celebrate our past knowing that the future is bright. We couldn’t be more excited to share the many great things happening at 601 McKinley Parkway.

- Timon students are being offered college classes from more than 5 local colleges and universities, which will allow them to graduate with up to 65 college credit hours.

- Our enrollment is up 25%, with the class of 2026 being the largest freshmen class in 5 years, and many additional students choosing to transfer to Timon from 17 different schools.

- We are providing new opportunities for our Timon men in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), such as pre-engineering, and applied math classes. We have partnered with Woz Ed for the 3rd year to offer their Drone program. We recently introduced our E-Sports Curriculum utilizing gaming as a way to learn enterprise, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Bishop Timon is the only school in WNY to have this curriculum.

- Upgrades to the facilities continue with the most recent improvements and renovations being made to the parking lot, and classrooms. Our weight room, John Timon Society, Memorial Wall, and Center for Media and Arts Awards areas were upgraded last summer, along with a new training facility and the addition of a full-time athletic trainer to provide safe recovery for sports injuries.

As we prepare our students for the future, we depend on your support to continue to build on the great momentum of Bishop Timon - St. Jude High School. 90% of our students receive financial assistance, even with this help a gap between tuition and the cost to educate our students still exists. We encourage our Alumni, friends and families to give to our Strong In Faith Annual Fund to help cover this gap.

We are constantly raising the bar of excellence for our students, and we promise to provide a next level, Franciscan education that prepares our students for life.


Bishop Timon 100K Match

$100,000 Strong in Faith Annual Fund Matching Challenge!

Donate any amount and it will be matched up to $100,000.

Together we are providing our students with the best possible environment for learning. This includes – continuing to promote and attract talented teachers and support staff, adding more cutting-edge technology for learning and career development, and continuing to upgrade our student’s surroundings with classroom and building improvements.

With your help and this matching gift, we can provide this and more! GIVE TODAY!

Donations can also be made via check by completing the Donation Commitment Form and mailing the form and check to:

Bishop Timon - St. Jude High School

Attention Advancement Office
601 McKinley Parkway
Buffalo, New York 14220 

For it is in giving that we receive.

St. Francis of Assisi